Recommended Matches Roundup #15

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Are you short on time for watching wrestling this week? The Violent People crew has you covered with the Recommended Matches Roundup. Each week, we create a list of matches you should check out based on what aired or made tape.

  • Adam Priest vs. Andrew Everett (DPW, 4/20)
  • Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) & LaBron Kozone vs. Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs) (DPW, 4/20)
  • Hechicero vs. Heddi Karaoui (Lucha Memes, 4/21)
  • Skye Blue vs. Willow Nightingale (AEW, 5/1)
  • Ozaki-gun (Mayumi Ozaki & Maya Yukihi) vs. Takumi Iroha & Mio Momono (Marvelous, 5/3)
  • La Escuadra (El Hijo del Villano III & Villano III Jr.) & El Hijo de Stuka Jr. vs. Los Depredadores (Magnus, Rugido & Magia Blanca) (CMLL, 5/3)
  • Hechicero vs. Zandokan Jr. (CMLL, 5/3)
  • Takashi Sugiura vs. Masa Kitamiya (NOAH, 5/4)
  • El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Kaito Kiyomiya (NOAH, 5/4)
  • HARASHIMA vs. Shuji Ishikawa (DDT, 5/5)
  • Masahiro Takanashi vs. GENTARO (Gatoh Move, 5/6)
  • GUNTHER vs. Sheamus (WWE, 5/6)

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