Hackenschmidt in Australia

February 24, 2024, the Elimination Chamber takes place in Perth, Australia. It marks a significant moment in the history of wrestling in Australia. Though this is far from the first time a “World Champion” has wrestled in the Antipodes. Let’s go back over a century: President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “If I weren’t President, I’d […]

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RIP: Ice Train

Ice Train fucking ruled. He just did. I hope to more eloquently put it in words below, but if when I leave this mortal coil, even one person says “Dan fucking ruled,” I’ll consider it a job well done. Harold Hogue, more fondly known to the pro wrestling world as Ice Train, passed away at […]

8 mins read

C and D Counties

The time has come to see Matewan in perspective, the way we do Lexington and Gettysburg…not just as an isolated incident of the tragic spilling of blood, but as a symbolic moment in a larger, broader and continuing historical struggle…in the words of Mingo county miner J.B. Wiggins, the ‘struggle for freedom and liberty.’ David […]

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