Rotten Rewatch #2

The response to the inaugural Rotten Rewatch has been overwhelmingly positive! Well actually, I’m lying. I’m writing this before the first edition has even gone live on Violent People. Here’s hoping people liked it, though I’d settle for people reading it! We’re fast forwarding two months and three shows forward in the IWA Mid South […]

11 mins read

Scapegoat Dax

We are Joined by Dan Rice from Violent People to review AEW Dynasty. Isn’t it weird that this PLE is called Dynasty when their weekly show is Dynamite? Is that just me? Whatever it’s a good podcast

1 min read

Rotten Rewatch #1

In 2001, my wrestling fandom transitioned from a casual interest to a passionate obsession. It’s where I went from “I like wrestling,” to “I should watch all the wrestling ever.” It’s when I became an indie wrestling fan. Ring of Honor was starting, ECWA was hot, CZW was terrifying and awesome to me. In the […]

13 mins read

Akebono: Yokozuna Forever

Back in January I wrote a tribute to Ice Train when he passed away. Since Violent People has launched I’ve written an obituary. I’ve written about the death of my mother and I’ve written about the plight of Appalachia. Basically what I’m saying is I swear I’m a fun time and don’t want to pigeonhole […]

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