Introducing the Violent People 100 WOTY Poll

If there’s one thing I know about the brain trust here at Violent People, it’s that we love polls, lists, and spreadsheets. It’s a particular sickness that we’ve been cursed with. Wrestling fans love pitting their favorite workers against each other to compare which wrestlers had the best output each year. Some of us keep detailed spreadsheets of each match we watch. Others just go off their memory and decide their best wrestlers based on vibes. If you listened to any of the FKAABT podcasts, it’s pretty evident that the people here at this site spend way too much time thinking about things like this. If you’re on this website, chances are you do too.

We had some heated debates in deciding our top 10 wrestlers of the year, but our opinions are only a piece of a greater puzzle of this corner of online wrestling fandom. Chances are you have some significantly different opinions than us on the best wrestlers of 2023. So we’d love to hear what our readership has to say on the matter as well. It’s time for the inaugural Violent People 100 wrestler of the year poll.

While this is the first edition of the VP100, it does have a history. In the mid-late 2010s, Sam ran the WDKW100 poll on Wrestling With Words and then later his own blog. When Sam stopped the list during the Covid era of wrestling, I took the reins, starting The Chris 100. The goal of these lists was to get a greater snapshot of the tastes of our friends, acquaintances, and total strangers and highlight a wider variety of workers. Some years have been heavy on WWE and AEW. Others have showcased the best and brightest in Japan or the indies. Here are the former winners of the two polls, for example:

2016 (WDKW100): Chris Hero
2017 (WDKW100): AJ Styles
2018 (WDKW100): WALTER
2019 (WDKW100): Shingo Takagi
2020 (The Chris 100): Go Shiozaki
2021 (The Chris 100): Bryan Danielson
2022 (The Chris 100): Jon Moxley

If you’d like to vote in this year’s poll, here are the rules:

  1. Vote for your top 50 or 100 wrestlers based purely on their 2023 resumes
  2. Any ballot that falls between 50 and 100 (e.g. a 72-name ballot) will be cut off and treated as a 50-name ballot.
  3. This poll is for in-ring, bell-to-bell work only. Promo ability, drawing power, etc. should not be considered.
  4. Tape date only. Any work taped in 2022 but aired in 2023 should not be considered. Work taped at the end of 2023 that airs in 2024 should be considered for this year’s list, not next year’s.
  5. Ballots will be weighted by the method used in the past for the WDKW/The Chris 100
    5a. 50-person ballots: 1st place-75 points, 2nd-65 points, 3rd-60 points, etc.
    5b. 100-person ballots: 1st place-125 points, 2nd-115 points, 3rd-110 points, etc.
  6. I reserve the right to toss any ballots that may be jokes/trolling/different ballots sent by one person
  7. Ballots will be accepted from January 22 until midnight EST on March 17.

You can submit your 2023 Violent People ballot on the Google Form here. I look forward to seeing everybody’s different ballots, and the different tastes that come through in the list proper. Get catching up on your backlog from this year and submit your ballot before the March 17 deadline. We’ll unveil the results at the end of March. See you then.

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One thought on “Introducing the Violent People 100 WOTY Poll

  1. 1. Bryan Danielson
    2. Jon Moxley
    3. Will Ospreay
    4. Miyu Yamashita
    5. Kenny Omega
    6. Sareee
    7. Soberano Jr.
    8. Swerve Strickland
    9. Athena
    10. Mike Bailey
    11. Adam Page
    12. Katsuhiko Nakajima
    13. Fuminori Abe
    14. Eddie Kingston
    15. Zack Sabre Jr.
    16. Takuya Nomura
    17.Claudio Castagnoli
    18. Yuma Aoyagi
    19. Konosuke Takeshita
    21. Tomohiro Ishii
    22. Kaito Kiyomiya
    23.Suzu Suzuki
    24. Místico
    25. Orange Cassidy
    26. Giulia
    27. Máscara Dorada
    28. Kento Miyahara
    29. Anthony Henry
    30. Starboy Charley
    31. Yuki Yoshioka
    32. Matt Jackson
    33. Nick Jackson
    34. Maika
    35. Shingo Takagi
    36. AZM
    37. Wheeler Yuta
    38. Madoka Kikuta
    39.Darby Allin
    40. Kevin Blackwood
    42. Shota Umino
    43. Penta el 0M
    44. Stuka Jr.
    45. Brody King
    46. Rocky Romero
    47. Kevin Ku
    48. El Hijo del Vikingo
    49. Cash Wheeler
    50. Dax Harwood
    51. Hiromu Takahashi
    52. Alex Shelley
    53. Kazuchika Okada
    54. Dominic Garrini
    55. Atlantis Jr.
    56.Buddy Matthews
    57. Utami Hayashishita
    58. Jay White
    59. Bryan Keith
    60. Shoko Nakajima
    61. Kenoh
    62. Samoa Joe
    63. Baliyan Akki
    64. El Bárbaro Cavernario
    65. Saya Kamitani
    67. Gringo Loco
    68. MJF
    69. Tam Nakamo
    70. Volador Jr.
    71. Mercedes Moné
    72. JD Drake
    73. AMAKUSA
    74. Arisa Nakajima
    75. Takashi Sugiura
    76. Rush
    77. Kevin Knight
    78. Yuka Sakazaki
    79. Komander
    80. Nick Wayne
    81. Arez
    82. MAO
    83. Ángel de Oro
    84. Syuri
    85. Stephanie Vaquer
    86. Gabe Kidd
    87. Jack Cartwheel
    88. Malakai Black
    89. Naomichi Marufuji
    90. VENY
    91. El Lindaman
    92. James Drake
    93. Zack Gibson
    94. Risa Sera
    95. Miu Watanabe
    96. Black Taurus
    97. Rika Tatsumi
    98. Alex Coughlin
    99. T-Hawk
    100. Suzume

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