Chris’ Lucha Roundup: March 2024

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Every month, I choose five matches from Mexico to highlight some of the best lucha matches of the year. The focus is to shine light on some lesser seen matches, so CMLL/AAA matches are not considered unless they are co-promoted shows with indie promotions. Last month I was busy with the Violent People 100 rollout, so despite it being May, it’s time to talk about March.

El Hijo de Fishman vs. Mascara Sagrada NG (La Pasion En El Ring at Auditorio CECUCO, 3/22)

This has one of the most fun atmospheres of any match I’ve seen this year. It’s a bull terrier match that takes place in a basketball gym with giant pictures of NBA stars overlooking the ring. It’s just such an awesome visual to see Luka Doncic and LeBron James looking down on this lucha show where Hijo de Fishman and Mascara Sagrada just beat the absolute piss out of each other with a chain. Fishman is one of the most vicious brawlers in the world, so putting him in a gimmick like a bull terrier match is a layup. Between this and the Mad Dog Connelly matches in the U.S., we are living in a dog collar match renaissance. See also: The almost as awesome bull terrier match between Hell Boy and Hijo de Canis Lupus in IWRG, also from this month.

Blue Demon Jr. vs. DMT Azul vs. LA Park vs. Rush (AULL, 3/17)

I’m almost always going to highlight it whenever LA Park and Rush get to reignite one of the most heated rivalries in wrestling. Blue Demon Jr. and DMT Azul perform admirably in this brawl, but it’s all about Rush and Park. They brawl all around the ring breaking beer bottles and each other’s faces. LA Park’s mask is so torn apart he barely even tries to keep the remaining cloth covering his face. All four men are bloody messes by the end of the match. Being another match in the Park/Rush battle of egos the ending is overbooked to hell with ref bumps, ref injuries and ref brawls, but the violence more than makes up for it.

Black Terry & Negro Navarro vs. Rocky Santana & Solar (Deluxe, 3/2)

This is my pick for old man llaves match of the month. I wish the quality was a bit better, but when Solar and Negro Navarro are in the ring together it doesn’t matter the camera angle or the resolution. All that matters is getting a glimpse of the legends trying to outmaneuver each other. It could be 144p footage behind some dude’s head and I’d watch it to see Black Terry and Negro Navarro team up. That’s magic.

Avisman vs. Cyber Black (Lucha Memes/Zona 23, 3/24) – IWTV

The entire Lucha Memes vs. Zona 23 show from Coliseo Coacalco is a breeze and worth watching, but Avisman and Cyber Black is pretty easily the highlight of the show. It’s another phenomenal showcase of Avisman’s all-around skill as a wrestler of just about any style, and Cyber Black is one of the most underrated dudes in Mexico. I am going to keep pushing Avisman matches in this column until you people listen and get him in the top 100 of the Violent People 100 where he belongs, so buckle up.

Hijo de Pirata Morgan vs. Ricky Marvin (Big Lucha, 3/8)

Ricky Marvin had a few matches throughout March that I thought were worth watching. His match with Flamita against Bendito and Limbo was a pitch perfect 9 minute tag. He had a really fun match with Atomic Star on the Lucha Memes/Zona 23 show that led to a faceoff with El Macuarro to finish the show. But I think this brawl with Hijo de Pirata Morgan was slightly ahead of the rest. Some really fun brawling. Marvin’s face is beet red, and it transitions really well into the Emperador Azteca/Ciclon Ramirez Jr. match that ends the show.

Honorable Mentions

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