Akebono: Yokozuna Forever

Back in January I wrote a tribute to Ice Train when he passed away. Since Violent People has launched I’ve written an obituary. I’ve written about the death of my mother and I’ve written about the plight of Appalachia. Basically what I’m saying is I swear I’m a fun time and don’t want to pigeonhole […]

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A Year in Forever-9th Anniversary of Chris Hero vs Timothy Thatcher

Image Credit: Michael Watson/@brainbuster_ “Paper Champ” Baltimore’s historically been a city that major companies have run in. Plenty of WWF/WWE and JCP history is here. AEW even would add Baltimore to their list of towns. But Maryland’s indie wrestling history isn’t the richest. When EVOLVE announced adding Joppa, Maryland as one of their new towns […]

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272 Words

On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln needed only 272 words. 204 of those words were short one syllable words. The Gettysburg Address is inarguably one of the most famous and enduring speeches of all time. It stands as a testament of not only the power of the American spirit, but the power of brevity and […]

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My Guys for the VP100

We are dangerously close to VP100 ballot deadlines. Every year with these sort of lists, I get stuck on who are My Guys. The wrestlers that regardless of where you place them on your list you feel deep down they should probably do better than they will. When the list starts rolling, your heart sinks […]

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Wrestling in Weird Places

When you think of wrestling, what is the first venue that comes to your mind? Maybe your someone who got in during New Japan’s peak and think of Korakuen Hall or the Tokyo Dome. Maybe you got lucha pilled early in your fandom and think of Arena Mexico. Maybe you have been a fan forever […]

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