Tiffy Times Up

Can’t get any more back. A brief YEET and greet to chat about why baby brained morons don’t understand that you can be over and a bad wrestler. AEW is dead!!! NJPW Strong Resurgence not the way? And the state of joshi wrestlings current big three.https://share.transistor.fm/s/0d4a1b08

1 min read

My Guys for the VP100

We are dangerously close to VP100 ballot deadlines. Every year with these sort of lists, I get stuck on who are My Guys. The wrestlers that regardless of where you place them on your list you feel deep down they should probably do better than they will. When the list starts rolling, your heart sinks […]

9 mins read

Why Now?

Was thinking about just making a joke post to start off and post Tanner’s tweet from December Not going to do that but I wrestled with that one longer than I would like to admit. Part of that is because starting a wrestling website is an objectively dumb idea. I’m not saying starting a blog […]

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