Tiffy Times Up

Can’t get any more back. A brief YEET and greet to chat about why baby brained morons don’t understand that you can be over and a bad wrestler. AEW is dead!!! NJPW Strong Resurgence not the way? And the state of joshi wrestlings current big three.https://share.transistor.fm/s/0d4a1b08

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Rotten Rewatch #4

Welcome back to another Rotten Rewatch. I can’t imagine someone reading this that doesn’t know, but just in case I wanted to point out that” Firstly, We’ve announced Violent People Radio, a forthcoming podcast featuring the four original minds behind Violent People. Secondly, I’ve launched a solo podcast called Violent Volumes. The response has way […]

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Rotten Rewatch #3

This week’s event is a much larger jump in the IWA Mid South timeline. We’re going four months and fourteen events from Happy Helladays, but at least we’re skipping to an important show. IWA Mid South is crowning their first heavyweight champion. What’s the best way to decide a champion? A good ole fashioned tournament.  […]

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